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“Our family has been hiring Marcie on occasion over the past five years. What I love most about the experience is she creates a menu based on your wishes and adds special touches like fresh flowers to create a very special evening for your family. I enjoy not worrying about a thing because she takes care of it all, even cleaning. This allows everyone to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The food is great, well prepared and uses organic ingredients which is important to me.

I highly recommend Marcie and know you will be pleased with your choice.”

— Vicki Amaris

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A few of the many reasons to contact Chef Marcie:

Customized Meals

A personal chef like Marcie can tailor meals to your specific tastes, dietary restrictions, and nutritional needs. She can create menus that are delicious and nutritiously balanced.

Time Savings

Chef Marcie can save you time by taking care of grocery shopping, meal preparation, and cleaning up. This affords you and your guests more quality time for other activities and reduces stress related to meal planning and cooking.


Professional chefs are pleased to introduce you to new flavors and cuisines, which can expand your palate and provide new culinary experiences for you and your guests.

Special Occasions

Chef Marcie prepares meals for special occasions: dinner parties, birthdays, and anniversaries to note but a few, making your special event more memorable and enjoyable.

Health Benefits

By hiring a personal chef, you can be sure that you are eating healthy, well-balanced meals. Marcie is careful to source the very best and freshest ingredients the Lake Tahoe region has to offer.

Cost-Effective Fine Dining

While hiring a personal chef might seem like a luxury, it can be cost-effective to dine out less. Contact Chef Marcie today to learn more about the benefits she can bring to your Lake Tahoe experience!